An intense and authentic expedition !

Discovering a new environment – creativity – networking – personal development

You join a team of curious and passionate entrepreneurs!

Who are you ?

• Entrepreneurs
• Founders


• Duration from 3 to 5 days
• Immersion in the local culture
• Talks, workshops, cultural tour, one to one meetings, outside activities, collaborative missions, etc.

Expedition spirit

• Listen to and exchange / to confront with other realities / Discover unknown environments / Be ready to play


• Enhance creativity, think “out of the box”
Every cultural or business visit, offers you many other avenues for reflection, to develop your creative skills
You identify new needs to which you can maybe bring solutions

• Understand the stakes of a different country
Together, we approach the specificities of the country and local innovation

• Meeting relevant actors
You participate in exchanges with the professionals of the sector and in turn, benefit from their experiences
Throughout the stay, you discuss with your expedition’s partners and build the bases of future business connections

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