Jump for Africa arose from the meeting of passionate with both digital technology and  Africa, where they have been living and working for more than 5 years with experts based in numerous capitals of sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, travelling several regions of the continent leaves no doubt that the development of Africa is underway.

While the Internet on PC completely changed the practices all around the world, the digital development in Africa indeed overshadowed the computer for the benefit of the mobile phone which became a tremendous driving force for the development.

Jump for Africa proposes a very open vision of the consultancy at crossroad of innovation laboratories, marketing studies and learning expeditions.

Our mission is to promote the development of innovative and digital products/services for private or professional uses: Edtech, Fintech, Assurtech, Healthtech, Foodtech, Agritech, Consumer, Connected Transports, etc.


You’ve already got the knowledge of the product or service; what we bring you are the experience of the field and different look on the innovation as well

We provide our assistance to make a success of your courses of transformation on a new continent or a new geographical zone and stimulate your dynamics of innovation

Jump for Africa works based on a principle of 5 rules:

• Open-mindedness
• Trust
• A listening ear
• Personalized support
• In accordance with the local realities

Our team will provide you with:

– Knowledge of innovation, digital technology and its stakes
– A wealth of diverse experiences on the continent
– An understanding of various types of companies, from start-up to international groups

Are you looking for a consultancy specialized on innovation and digital technology in sub-Saharan Africa?

From the first contact with you, we promptly examine how we can satisfy your need.
We meet then to deepen your request and propose you a methodological plan.

Just    , and you’ll be carefully listened to.